A Free Concert in the Park

posted on September 6th, 2011.

Your children are restless and fighting because they’re bored. If you need a good family activity, try going to the park. Often there are concerts in the park that would entertain the whole family, children and adults alike. Well known artists who release good wholesome music often host concerts and it would be wise to take advantage, because they-re generally free concerts. Lesser known artists also perform in park concerts, but they are still entertaining and well worth the time.

Artists like Diana Ross, Simon and Garfunkel and the Muppets have performed in Central Park in New York and Mariah Carey performed in Times Square. Your local park may not have artists of this caliber performing, but it probably has several events scheduled that would interest you and your children. Don’t forget to carry a picnic so that the concert can be thoroughly enjoyable.

Pack a picnic basket with drinks, snacks and maybe even sandwiches if the concert lasts a few hours. It may be hot and cold drinks will keep everyone hydrated and cool. Be sure to bring along folding lawn chairs and a blanket to cover the ground to lay out your picnic. It may also provide additional places to sit.

If the concert is long and your children have a short attention span, it-s also a good idea to pack electronic games that can capture their attention and keep them busy. The last thing you want to hear is your children whining that they want to go home in the middle of the concert. Give them plenty of things to do and the afternoon will be trouble free and enjoyable.

Having an afternoon of entertainment with the kids always seems to revolve around the movies, but with a little creativity those afternoons can be very different. Choosing to attend a concert in the park could be a lot of fun and very entertaining for everyone. And, with a little luck, your whole family may get an opportunity to see a legendary artist perform for free.

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