Power’s Out, Game On

posted on February 16th, 2012.

You see a flash.

You hear a crash.

Now all the lights are out, the t1 internet is down and the television doesn’t work.

The power may be out in your home but that doesn’t mean you have to spend the duration of the storm cooped up inside with nothing to do. We have a small list of exciting ideas for games you can play with the family to help pass the time. In fact, these games are so fun you might not even notice it when the power does come back on.

Shadow Show
With a little light and a little imagination you and your family can have hours of fun making shadows against the wall and guessing what they are.

A good game that requires a lot of movement and a lot of imagination and not a lot of light. Laugh the hours away trying to guess what your opponent is trying to act out.

20 Questions
Form an idea of an object, fruit, vegetable, person, whatever and have your opponent try to guess what it is. The catch: they can only answer twenty yes or no questions to deduce what it is.

Remember, the fun doesn’t have to stop when the lights go out.

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