Hiking Up a Forest Trail in the Mountains

posted on September 9th, 2011.

There are few more exciting activities for a vacationer than the hike. While it is certainly is possible to enjoy a good mountain hike in the summer months, the fall is the ideal season for it and not just due to the foliage, either. The fall presents the perfect climate to go walking for long distances without heat exhaustion and without having to deal with snow or ice. Why a mountain forest hike? Hiking up a forest trail in the mountains is enjoyable because of the unpredictability. Each rise and turn in the trail presents a new vista with new things to see. Forests consist of incredible natural variety in most cases, with all kinds of interesting plant and wildlife on, or lying just off the trail. Not only is there the ever-changing nature of things to see on the mountain forest trail to look forward to, there is also the fact that it offers a physically challenging hike. Those hikers who hike for fitness reasons often like less even ground because of the way it forces them to push themselves. When it comes to fitness there is also the fact of the thinner air when you get to a certain altitude. Exercise in that environment helps to build lung capacity and stamina.Keep looking, there-s more: GeekDad Getaways: Killarney Provincial Park

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